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Infant, Toddler & Preschool Programs

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.  - Benjamin Franklin
Infant & Toddler Classroom

Program Goals - 


  • To provide a safe , healthy and organized environment

  • To provide consistent routine between home and care

  • To observe and keep record of each child’s achievements and development

  • To encourage language development and acquisition

  • To build upon cognitive and problem solving skills

  • To promote fine and gross motor skills such as walking, crawling, sitting or climbing

  • To promote  awareness of self and foster independence

  • To provide an age appropriate environment including the choice of materials, toys  and equipment

  • To care for infants in a warm, affectionate way. Countless hugs will be offered!!!

  • To learn and talk about personal feelings, the way others feel, and how to be kind

  • To meet each child’s physical and psychological needs as best as possible

  • To provide opportunities for exploration and discovery

  • To sing, dance, play and read stories to every child, everyday!

  • To provide a fun-loving social experience, creating lasting friendships

  • To prepare children to make a smooth transition to the preschool program when ready

Preschool Classroom

Program Goals-


  • To develop a confident and positive self image

  • To develop independence and take responsibility

  • To encourage creativity and free exploration of the natural environment

  • To provide math & science programs (S.T.R.E.A.M)

  • To further develop speech, language and cognitive skills

  • To teach health and nutrition concepts by using the 5210, Let's Go! Program

  • To develop an awareness of self, others, the environment and community

  • To promote positive social growth by using model behavior and team building activities

  • To develop an appreciation for the importance of reading, writing and the arts

  • To practice pre-reading and writing skills, use of a journal & book buddies (HWT tools)

  • To involve parents in positive learning experiences with their child

  • To utilize special programing and community helpers to further support active learning

  • To prepare children for Kindergarten entrance


Before & Aftercare


Before and aftercare​ is available should space allow. Fun and engaging activities will be provided for our older, more independent learners.  Busy Bees has both the Eliot and Kittery bus stop at our location. School vacations and drop ins may also be available , schedule ahead.

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