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Sample Daily Routine

Sample - Busy Bees Preschool Schedule

Arrivals/ Breakfast/Free Play                                                         

Clean up Classroom /Potty & Wash up                                        

Snack/Clean up                                                                                    

Activity Time/Centers                                                                              

Morning Meeting                                                                             

Potty & Transition to Outdoor Play/Gross Motor Play           

Transition Indoors/Wash Hands/Potty                                       

Lunchtime/Clean Up/Prepare Nap Mats                                   

Potty Breaks/Read 1 on 1 with all children/ Quiet Music        

Quiet Rest Time /Quiet Activities                                                   

Put Away Nap Mats/ Potty/Wash Hands/Free play                     

Wash up/Afternoon Snack                                                                   

Group Time/Afternoon Art Activity/Painting/Play dough          

Potty/ Transition to Outdoors/Clean Classroom                           

Outdoor Play/Gross Motor Activities/Transition Indoors           

Potty/Imaginative Play/Manipulatives/Snack/Goodbyes

* Please allow 10 to 15 minutes to drop off and pick up your child to meet with your classroom teacher and drop off or gather belongings. Children’s basic needs will always be first priority and schedules may vary based on group goals for the day, weather, seasons and special events.

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