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"Busy Bees offers a balanced curriculum that focuses on the development of the whole child. Music and movement, math and science, early literacy, and arts and crafts are integrated throughout our day in ways that make learning fun!"



Caring Relationships, Hands on Play, Positive Encouragement and putting families first!

Music & Movement, Science Exploration, Yoga, Spanish Lessons, Puppet Play, Daily Walking Adventures, Early Math & Literacy Activities, Health and Nutrition lessons are carefully designed and included in our learning programs!



Early literacy, reading and writing, and math fundamentals are an important part of an Early Childhood curriculum. Books give our young readers adventure, thrill, logic, playful thoughts, images, remembrances, morals and so much more!


Busy Bees has a classroom library, daily poems and book readings, big book readings and personal writing journals to promote early literacy in the classroom. Teachers work with children to learn about new vocabulary, and phonetics (letter and word sounds). Children work in pairs, in groups and as individuals on daily activities. Our classroom is print rich and the environment is filled with bright displays and opportunities for bi-lingual learning.


To promote family involvement in literacy activities Busy Bees sends home a literacy bag with a book, journal and “Book Buddy” for parents to share and enjoy with their child. 

We incorporate math into our curriculum everyday and occassionally have outdoor math lessons. You can always COUNT on Busy Bees for some learning fun!


Our preschool program utilizes Funshine Express Curriculum. This is a research and evidence based curriculum which provides fun, educational activities for children with various developmental needs, experiences and diverse cultural backgrounds. The curriculum aligns with the developmental standards and provides tools for ongoing assessment, allowing teachers to individualize the curriculum based on each students progress,  likes and needs.

The curriculum offers hands on activities that promotes exploration and discovery. Children will start group learning time by counting the days on the calendar, learning a color, number and shape of the month, reading a theme based story and reciting seasonal poems and songs. Children will discuss the weather, learn about opposites, try new yoga poses and much more!

Parents are given a monthly newsletter including a suggested book list as well as a copy of nutrition nuggets from 5210, Let's Go! .

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